Headquartered in Rockville Maryland, WorkWell Associates is a small business founded in 2003 by Frank Fitzpatrick, CIH. The firm is comprised of full and part time employees who provide environmental, safety and health (ES&H) support services to numerous federal agencies and private clients in the Washington, D.C. area and throughout the country.

WorkWell Associates has an exceptional track record with the federal government having successfully completed over 150 delivery orders for various agencies. The WWA team has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to accomplish work on-time and on-budget and in accordance with governmental policies, procedures and the high level of quality, consistency and competency demanded by the client agencies.

WorkWell Associates specializes in providing comprehensive Environmental Safety & Health support to federal agencies and private clients. Specific in-house environmental, safety and health capabilities include:

  • Worker exposure characterizations
  • Indoor/environmental air quality
  • Ventilation assessments
  • Job hazard analyses
  • ES&H software and database development
  • Hazardous waste site assessments and remediation support
  • Respiratory protection program development and assessment
  • Construction safety
  • Litigation support
  • Public health technical research and library services
  • ES&H database design and development
  • Training
  • Regulatory compliance assessments
  • Management systems assessments/ES&H integration
  • Post-fire/blast scene ES&H characterizations, training and support
  • Emergency response and continuity of operations support